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(new ideas/whishes? Wishlist)

Track record for smwiki



  • All unnecessary users, which contain numerical values in their usernames have been deleted from mediawiki database.



  • add Mass Delete through Special:Nuke
  • add confirm Edit for Captcha
  • tried TitleBlacklist - failed to work (blocked all user creation), commented out in LocalSettings.php (installed for ict. and cwi...)


  • just for our information...


  • added namespace iTrain to


  • Semantic properties are not exported, see [[1]]
  • changed LocalSettings_cwi.php - add $smwgNamespacesWithSemanticLinks = - did not help


  • DoS attack - 40 GByte log file in /var/log/??? (apache error)


  • allow user account creation for (Josef)


  • All wiki instances setting files except LocalSettings.php have been moved to settings folder under mediawiki in order to have better maintenance.
  • All old setting files have been moved to /mediawiki/settings/history folder. In future all old setting files need to be save there, instead of mediawiki folder. - Josef: dissagree, the files should remain in the settings folder, to allow an easier "undo". From time to time we can do a remove of obsolete "old" versions

Access Control through Simple Security

  • Installed security extension to enforce name space acces control (SimpleSecurity)
  • Yeboo and SMT namespace are now accessible only by YebooUsers and SMTUsers respectively - access to Namespaces and Category given through LocalSettings_cwi.php


  • moved specific pSHIELD access control from Global LocalSettings.php to LocalSettings_pshield.php
  • tested different set-up on cwi and jbv
    • cwi did not work - redone into previous working stage, including namespaces Yeboo and SMT
    • jbv did not work, same behaviour for namespaces Public and Unik:Main_Page (don't know why)


Access Control Matrix for MediaWIki

Extensions Simple Installation Patches and Database update Compatible with MediaWiki 1.17 Complexity in use Caching disable
Group based ACL  Yes No No No Yes
Lockdown Yes No No Yes No
PermissionACL Yes No No Yes No
SemanticACL Yes No No Yes No
HaloACL No Yes No No No

The extensions "Group based ACL", "Lockdown", "PermissionACL", "SemanticACL" and "HaloACL" are tested. These extensions are not compatible with MediaWiki 1.17 and lot of bugs are experienced during the test. The extensions leverage the complexity level in defining the access rights on the existing pages and groups. Moreover, the "HaloACL" extension does not contain patch for Mediawiki 1.17 and this patch is necessary to complete the installation process and to run the extension successfully.

Observations:  The "Group based ACL" contains readonly (ro) flag, which allows user to read a page and to restrict edit. Upon settting this flag on a page for a specific group then the page is not readable anymore and prompts "NO ACCESS". The  "Lockdown" and "PermissionACL" restrict the whole mediawiki and prompt the "Permission error" for all users even for administrtaor.   The "SemanticACL" extension fails to load the mediawiki upon setting "SemanticACL.php".  


Estimation and RoadMap of Implementing Access Control for MediaWiki

The HaloExtension requires necessary pathes and user databases to be updated thus the testing of the HaloExtension on test server will be perfomred first.

Upon succesful testing the HaloExtension will be installed and configured on the real machine.

1 working week will be spent.


  • Install Semantic Tasks (Josef)
$ sudo vi /etc/crontab
0 12 * * * php extensions/SemanticTasks/ST_CheckForReminders.php

15 September 2011

  • Install clone of smwiki on the same machine, for testing of new installations
  • Test installations there, before copying to the smwiki (mainly concerned LocalSettings.php) and upgrade of Extensions

09Sep2011 automatic generated page for an ActionItem (in and in MediaWiki:Sidebar

** Special:FormEdit/ActionItem|ActionItem

in Form:ActionItem

page name=<ActionItem[Title]>-AI<unique number;start=001>

This is the "ActionItem" form.
To create a page with this form, enter the page name below;
if a page with that name already exists, you will be sent to a form to edit that page.


Install options for Semantic MediaWiki
07 September 2011
  • Upgrade medaiwiki to v1.17 and semantic medaiwiki to v1.6.1, recommendation longer down
  • following the procedure desribed on mediawiki/semantic mediawiki web pages
  • FAILED due to inconsistency of databases before and after upgrade
    • if some tables don´t exist, create them through patches described on Mediawiki
    • our extension where working when applying patches for tables
  • after upgrade of mediawiki, semantic mediawiki showed lot´s of error messages
  • all images were deleted
  • Noted edit, upload, form edit problems after upgrade due to some new tables include in MW v1.71 and SMW v1.61. The problems are fixed at mysql level - a tedious job.


  • Backup All LocalSettings files, ./images directory and MySQL database before upgrade.
  • disable all Sematic stuff in LocalSettings.php
  • upgrade mediawiki then test mediawiki
  • enable "one-by-one" semantic extensions, starting with semantic mediawiki
  • Upgrade requires compatibility check of already installed extensions. A good thing to upgrade at least all SMW extension to their latest version.



  • installed graphviz -
sudo apt-get install graphviz
sudo vi LocalSettings.php - added GraphViz


  • external links are on new page: $wgExternalLinkTarget = '_blank'; in LocalSettings.php

8. June 2011

  • TOC as float right, add float:right in the Modern and Monobook/skins/main.css  %implemented 23Aug2011 in .toc - jo -works after refresh

14. April 2011

12. April 2011

  • Rich Text Editor is installed and configured on all wikis. To use click on "Show RichTextEditor". - fantastic, thanks (Josef) :-)

11. April 2011

  • Network based authentication is configured for

3. April 2011

  • created yeboo namespace on - using "namespace" and users YebooUsers

19. Mar 2011

  • Installed Semantic Forms Input, allowing "pick date, pick time". See explanation for The one step process in Semantic Forms.

14. Feb 2011

07. Feb 2011

  • All wiki sites are fixed. sites names are,,,, use these names to call a specific wiki.
  • No need to use ?w=xxx parameter
  • No need to use cookies
  • is now on our Linux server, it's no longer on UNIKWIKI machine.

04. Feb 2011

SMTP issue is fixed now, tested with dummy user and working smoothly. However, this functionality depends on UNIK Exchnage server, any change from IT DRIFT can effect this. So, if it will not work need to check with Trond. Email notification comes from

28. Jan 2011

  • smtp when user creates account does not work

20. Jan 2011

20. jan 2011

  • Change of mediawiki long URL to pretty URL, which means that /mediawiki/index.php is replace with /wiki
  • New URL --> But this requires update of all old links to especially in side bar.
  • No need to redirect on UNIK mediawiki, just type and it will take to the UNIK mediawiki
  • case sensitivty for ?w=xxx has been removed.

11. jan 2011

  • Good to know: Special:AllMessages shows all Mediawiki messages, but I did not find them in Special....
  • added "Form:UserRegistration" for Semantic users, ROLLBACK - worked only in pSHIELD with some variables, not in main
  • added Ontology editor, using fugu (on mac) to transfer content and wget "web address" to download
  • Ontology editor corrups Main_page og MediaWiki:Sidebar

10. Jan 2011

  • (josef) updated Form:Task and Template:Task to get rid of "Category" description. Used SUBJECTPAGENAME in the Template:Task

9. Jan 2011

  • (Josef) installed AddUser (see Mushfiq.Chowdhury) and other forms in
  • (Josef) installed tried to fix "mime error on upload" for .tar.gz and .zip files through $wgCheckFileExtensions = true; in LocalSettings.php - DOES NOT WORK (security hack, allowed "file extensions")

8. Jan 2011

  • (Josef) edit MediaWiki:Sidebar both for pSHIELD and for main
  • (Zahid) added pSHIELD (index.php?w=pSHIELD), JBV (index.php?w=JBV) and main (index.php?w=main)
  • (Josef) transferred the content from namespaces into main directory, e.g. pSHIELD-public:Main into pSHIELD-public

6. Jan 2011 (Josef)

  • created name spaces for pSHIELD, pSHIELD-public, UNIK, Thesis, Master, Courses - not good enough, see Talk:Wishlist
  • added "mime file extension" for uploading of .docx: $wgMimeDetectorCommand = "file -bi"; in LocalSettings.php
  • changed default skin to Modern